Entry for February 16, 2006
I went on the babycenter.com bulletin boards and got a perspective of how lucky I am. I do count my blessings every day and both my husband and I work hard to provide for the children, but our blessings prevent us from being overworked, underfed, and just plain miserable with our new life. It has to be hard for many mothers out there. A million times harder than how I have it. So I think for now the proposal will sit on the shelf and I'll count my blessings that I can come home and spend quality time with my child instead of worrying over bottles and whatnot and that my husband still gets home early enough to play and feed her w/o worrying he's going to lose sleep over it.

Read below and you'll understand.
From a fellow mommy on the October babies board:

"So DH (dear husband) has been working 10 hours 6 days a week for a while, and doens't look like it is going to stop any time soon. Now while the money is good, and helping tons, I miss DH and he only sees Mason for a half hour a day except for Sunday.
Things are getting so hard. I have to sit him in his jumperoo in front of my bathroom just to get a quick shower. I don't have time to do dishes, laundry, clean, or anything, after working 45 to 50 hours a week myself then coming home to take care of Mason all by myself is so hard for me. I haven't ate dinner all week, the only meal I get is lunch (which isn't going to kill me) but still, so after I get Mason to sleep I have to do wash his bottles then sit down with DH for an hour before I go to bed.
I love spending time with Mason, but I am running on empty. I feel so lonely and I'm afraid Mason might forget who his daddy is.
DH hates the hours also, he would much rather be home with us, but right now that is not an option, and like I said before, the money is always helpful.
Sorry so long, but I needed a shoulder to cry on. Thanks for listening/reading."

Well, I'm praying for her and in my heart I'm giving her a shoulder to cry on. In the meantime, I'm going to count my blessings and thank God baby girl has a nanny (knock on wood cuz you never know what'll happen)


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