Entry for February 16, 2006
New York went from a couple feet of snow thanks to a blizzard to sunny skies and light jackets by Thursday. This drastic weather change in so few days means we all should be walking around with sniffles by Saturday.

I found a quicker route to work and now I'll have to say bye bye to that route because my office will be moving further south on the island. This means for me an additional 30 min. at least on the commute. I'd be lucky if I stay under 12 hours a day away from the house.

Trying to be creative and come up with a telecommuting proposal for my supervisor. I know I'm a new mom who has to learn to adapt to society's expectations of working moms, but I think I'd like to attempt to fight through the proposal. I hope to have a rough draft by Monday.

Baby girl update: Latest nickname - Squirmy Wormy. Don't leave this child anywhere because she will scooch herself along until she runs into something warm. She really does look like an inch worm in her sleep. She will keep inching until she finds that warm nook under your arm to bury her head. Too cute for school.


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