Entry for February 17, 2006
Baby girl caught the bug. This is my first actual baby fever episode. I think she's loving the extra special mommy attention...I think this is first I've let her out of my sight today and its almost midnight. Doc says she'll be fine but to keep watching the fever, her eating and her breathing. Fever's breaking, appetite excellent and besides a runny nose, very little congestion going on. Today I learned about a premie that is older than baby girl but half her size and a little boy who will be in a wheelchair eventually because of some degenerative disease. Totally depressing. I just keep looking at Baby Girl, re-counting her 10 toes and 10 fingers, and wonder when I really thought that's all new parents had to worry about. Well, as a kid that's what we heard mattered - 10 fingers, 10 toes..now it's chromosomes, genetic deficiencies, deficits, disorders...blah, blah blah...

I got this great email the other day congratulating me on being in the generation that got to play until the street lights came on, we didn't have cell phones tracking our every movement, we ate tuna and didn't die of mercury poisoning, my parents partied but didn't kill my brain cells too bad while in the womb, the latest greatest toys didn't cost 300 dollars - more like 30 bucks. When I was 12 I didn't worry about my SAT scores. When I was 6 I didn't worry that the guy helping my mom with her groceries was trying to kidnap us. I also had the real My Little Ponies that didn't look so skinny with their big butts and the Smurfs before Smurfette was pimped out by Papa Smurf.

Wow. I loved being a kid. My only goal is that Baby Girl says the same thing a couple decades from now.


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