I'm a grown up now?
Okay, I'm officially a grown up. I chose to share with an old friend my new hobbies and habits since motherhood. The return response was...Wow, you're old.

Yes, knitting makes me a bit matronly, but lord knows I love my stitch and bitchin group. Yes, having to rush home to breastfeed after work instead of grab drinks may be considered old.

My group - the almost 30s are pretty much either all grown up or trying despreately NOT to grow up. Another good friend admitted not able to talk to me for a significant amount of time due to the fact they were "processing" the idea of me being a mother and how old that made them feel.

Yes, kiddos...we're grown. We've been on our own for years. Our parents would laugh wholeheartedly if we called them up asking for money for the movies. Granted, not all my friends are knitting or running home to breastfeed...they all have grown up stuff going on: married, contemplating marriage, kids or contemplating kids, past entry level in their jobs, no longer qualifiying for the 1040 EZ....some of us own homes and are thinking of mortgages and whatnot...ummmm, that's really grown up.

However, there are a few of my buddies truly refusing to grow up and I completely respect and honor them. Party hardy 'til the end my friends...meaning,"I still stay out until 4 am for the after party. I still bring random boys and girls home. I still come to work hung over. I have brunch with shades on looking uber cool not worrying about food being thrown or spit up landing on the party seated next to me."

Yes, I kinda sorta miss the old life. But mostly not. I think I prefer to be a homebody and I prefer to know who I'll be sleeping with every night. Keeping it simple...my dad's old motto is now my own. KIS means I no longer get invited to cool parties and gallery openings, but it does mean that I'm stable. I'm satisfied...and finally.....I'm HAPPY. For ya'll who knew me when...that's the best damn thing in the entire world for me. So as I knit scarves and booties, thinking of that gummy grin all day....I will choose the Franling smile over the famously notorious NYC nights. Who knew what would finally bring happiness to my notoriously morose soul? Seems like a lot of my friends and family did. If I hear, "You always wanted a baby..one more time....


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