Lord have mercy, now I have the flu. Baby girl was the second household victim and now I'm the third.

On the hunt for back up babysitters. Granny nanny may be down and out the whole week. This is such a predicament. Only a half a year ago, I thought I was so on top of my game because I'd started looking for a caretaker from day one and I never thought about sickness, age, ability, employee satisfaction, wages, benefits, taxes. LORD...please have mercy. Yes, I'm a clueless first time mom learning something phenomenally basic and completely new to me every damn day.

Let's just say my sights are just set on getting out of winter into a hopefully pleasant and warm spring and then a fantastic summer. NY summers are great you know. It makes up for the winter blues every New Yorker experiences. Ice cream trucks galore, days in the parks with sprinklers...socializing and parties on every corner. A cultural event that is affordable and interesting pretty much every day ...hmmm...summer in the city.

Can't wait!


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