1 am Spring Cleaning
Deciding to mop, sweep, disinfect, wash, blah blah blah. I feel a little better but I still think the house is quite dirty. Its hidden dirt. Daily scrub down isn't the same as the cleaning where you take everything up from its place and clean underneath, above and inside it. And then disinfect it. My mother is probably wondering, what happened to my slovenly Fran? I am now maternally obsessed with germs and bugs. By that I mean, It's all for love, man. If I can boil it, I will. If its considered a scavenger, I'll kill it. No love for anything not Lysol disinfected. I Lysoled the hell out of Shane's work boots. I feel better about that. The cat is lucky I know its animal cruelty to Lysol her so I don't. But I want to. And to those freaking out right about now. I won't! Lord knows, I don't want a blind cat bumping into everything, including me at all hours of the night.

Today Amelia and I ventured over to Rockdale County to visit a former coworker of mine. She showed me the town of Nyack and Piermont. I LOVED Nyack. When can we move? It reminded me of a mix of Greenville, SC, Athens, GA and Decatur, GA – with an added bonus, on water! So you know I was feeling it. My friend was really sweet and so was her partner. He was a real sweetie. I’m hoping to visit more often, starting with hopefully the St. Patty’s Day Parade or the Farmer’s Market when it gets warmer. I’m glad I met someone who can show me charming out of the city towns. It’s funny that Rockdale County is considered upstate NY because it was a hop skip and a jump from me. Very easy ride up and even easier ride back down. This was Amelia’s first warm, sunny day where she spent it outdoors. I think she enjoyed herself but she was tuckered out by the end of the afternoon. I need to get her baby sunglasses or a visor. The sun kept getting in franling’s face. We also ordered amazing Thai food at the Thai House and took it down to the park. Silly lady behind the counter forgot to put in forks so hiking from the park to hunt down utensils was slightly annoying, but a minor glitch in an otherwise perfect day. For my coworker readers who understand all the shite crapola that went down the past few weeks, I’m still uttering these famous words spoken by everybody in the office at least 5 times. “Thanks, Val.”

I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire tonight. That was definitely my favorite one so far. Great movie. Even Amelia looked like she was enjoying it. Especially when the mermaid and Harry’s pixie-like friend visited him in the bath. I think it was the high pitch of the voices and the mermaid looking like a cartoon. I can’t believe I have such a good baby that relaxed the whole movie w/o me having to pause once. She is truly a good baby. All babies are good, but with the right mix of love, patience and a little magic…They are VERY good.


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