All my male friends that classify themselves as the "nerd type" are cheering that they actually have a freakin convert. Ya'll aren't that great, for the one nerd friend who said seemed to be cheering for "Seth" to take away the girl from the jock and wondering if I'm all troubled and whatnot. I am not a soap opera, dude. I'm a mom. And a realist. Ain't no drama up in here besides, NY is cold, I work with lots of eye candy and I'm in my first year of marriage. AND I'm a lactating mama utterly and truly hormonally challenged (or overchallenged if you ask me.)

Although I love to write about the day to day in MY life, all ya'll have the same shite crapoloa but just don't like to say it. Some of you bottle it all up instead and take pleasure in other folks emotions. I'm saying I don't want to bottle up. Keeping my words and my life open and free...well, that's me. And damn, I'm new to bloggin but I really hate those shallow blogs that are so busy trying to stay PC that they end up dry and so friggin boring.

But because I write my heart out doesn't mean I want your sympathy, empathy, comments, criticisms, whateva... I don't need it. I'm a very very lucky woman, very secure and happy with myself. And when the toilet seat is down, ecstatic. And the fact is, I can make my life decisions in a split second - usually to my advantage. Recognize strength when you see it. Most folks in my life do. I'm just saying this: Writing makes me feel better. For those who really know me: they understand that. Documenting the good and the bad makes me real to myself. I like you so I invite you to read. But for ya'll who are waiting for the next episode of the Fran soaps...sorry, hons, find the drama in your life and eat it up. love it, use it. fly with it. learn from it. grow from it. That's what I do with mine.

Here's the real: Even though hubby is annoying at times and living with a man is totally totally...sigh...hard. I'm in love. And he's a very good daddy. My doctor who delivered Amelia asked him if he would ever stop smiling after literally 8 hours of a constant ear to ear grin. The reply was: never. Let me post a pic of the day we found out we were having a baby just so you can see. The day I married that man is the second happiest day of my life. Oct 26, 2005 is the first. So truly, 2005 was THE best year of my life. But life if hard and rough. And passionate type-a people tend to make it a bit rougher and harder when having to mold into a family unit. And if you're lucky, it's long. Its a thin, thin line between love and hate and anyone who's had their heart broken truly knows that.

And one last thing: Let me explain why jocks so often win the girl in the end: NO. 1 - They have the courage to ask them out No. 2 - They're lack of insecurity makes a girl feel secure, ummm very important. No. 3 - Jocks are simple and not complicated. No. 4 - They are teddy bears and they want to bear hug you and cuddle you ALL the time. They don't have the drama nerdy boys tend to have due to their insecurity. And guess what: even if a girl looks at the nerd and thinks, aww how cute, the jock is usually so damn fine...well, they do seem to know what a girl wants in the end. So I'll take my under 30 newleywed butt and realize that yes...I don't know what's up with me. No, I'm not taking back my last blog. But I want to say that for those out there who think that married folks know what the hell they're doing. No, they don't. They don't figure it out until after the first decade. Ya'll betta recognize. This one's for the haters. For the lovers, I love you back as always. :-)


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