um, can ya tell I want this week to be over?

It started out pretty shite crapola and ended in well, mad hot love.

By that, I'm feeling the love, folks. I realize that I do have a gift and I will continue to write because I am getting so much love from you guys. I'm blushing and trying so hard to be humble. Really, I want to jump up and scream over my cubicle...I can write and people like my blog and I'm funny! Yes, ya'll. It's Friday. I'm in tight jeans and boots today and I'm feeling like a hottie.

Considering the week started with Franling at the doctor, screaming and ranting due to her dry skin and discomfort. Caretaker drama...will she come today? Am I staying home AGAIN? Am I going to lose my job because I am obviously not balancing well this week? Can ANYone help me? Why am I not at the beach? Will I ever sleep again?

That was how the week started. The week ended in me realizing that in the end, whatever happens happens. When life is full of it, put out as much positive energy as possible. I sat and chatted with a homeless man in Popeye's and I felt good. If I were to guess what his problem was and why he was homeless: I am old, somewhere along the line I got Alzheimer's and I can't remember much. I don't know where my family is but I really think I'm all alone. I'm out of medicine for this cough, but I have a great doctor and Thank God I know how to find them. Really, I think he comes to find me occasionally. (this is what I'm hoping). My cough is getting better and I ate well today.

I left him feeling love. Sadness, yes. But love in the fact I knew someone somewhere loved him, even if not in this realm. And I loved him. I told him he reminded me of an old ancestor I felt I needed to introduce myself to. It's hard to explain, but I felt he looked like a face I remembered that I never saw. I stopped and smiled at him and acted like he wasn't homeless and I wasn't a stranger and that we were long lost Grandfather and Granddaughter sharing time over cups of coffee. It only lasted 10 minutes but I think the love I felt in that moment will last a lifetime.

I talk about love a lot. I love love. I try to love more. Marriage is, so far in my life, the ultimate test of love. A mother's love for her child is instinctual. It's so part of the earth and such a deep foundation of humanity that most women don’t even question it. It just is. It’s like the sun rising every day. It just does. As for attaching yourself to the opposite sex, living under the same roof, sharing the same bed, eating the same food and learning to love every moment of it – that is love you have to work at appreciating. You have to work at the marriage bonds. I wish more couples married 40 years and more would gather and write a manual for all the newlyweds out there trying to make it in the beginning. Most married folks you ask back then start of saying… “Times were different back then. Not so complicated, if you ask me.”

Yes, the society we live in now is a bit more complicated but it has to work in our favor at some point. I think what makes it complicated is that in the old days, family values weren’t a right/left political issue. It wasn’t up for presidential candidacy debate. It was everybody’s issue and everyone agreed that in the end, your wife/husband, children and parents, they were your ultimate priority. It still is. Somehow along the way, we let folks convince us otherwise. We all care about the same thing. The point I’m trying to make is that I wish America was just a little bit more like Canada in the fact that they know what true family values are. If a woman has a child, she has the option of taking up to almost 1 year of maternity leave. THAT is a country that is truly unified with its citizens on the importance of family values. When I talk about family values in America, some people would suggest I must be right winged evangelist Christian woman spouting biblical quotes to judge others. Only in America. Truth is: I’m a liberal pro-choice, feminist who is just tired of the hypocrisy. And I’m tired of associating myself with any political alliance because it’s annoying and divisive. If you agree, if someone asks you what party you belong to, say The Dinner Party. Our party believes that everyone in the house should try and eat dinner together. And we sit around and laugh and drink and are always merry when we’re at the dinner party.

I was all over the place with this Friday Blog today


p.s. And for all the ones who THINK they aren't worrying about the family thing yet. If you're stressing over can the job pay of the debt, like student loans and that time I was living off my credit card. Or if you're ever going to be able to afford to save for a house or something else great you want but high rents and costs of living keep you down and're an early candidate for worrying about the family thing. Join the dinner party. We're good at keeping it real. And we serve the best South American red wines as well. http://newyork.craigs-


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