It's Friday night and the home is quiet. Shane fell asleep early -- no wrestling on tonight ;-) Baby girl just nodded off and I’m desperately trying to figure out what smells like a dead possum. I emptied the trash I'm thinking the cat did some really nasty do. My mind tells me to go to bed. But I've chatted with quite a few folks tonight and most, even the couple with a babe of their own, were out and about finding something to get into. But not everyone, my aunts and mom were dozing on the couch. Meaning everyone under 35 was out and about and everyone over 35 was snoozing on the couch. I am blogging. Wanting to be one of those on the town, but realistically chilling out at home relaxing, even if I can't just fall asleep.

Charis Books in Atlanta just sent me a couple books. I live in New York but I can still shop there online. This progressive independent bookstore has a book by my friend Fiona. (ummm, some kids just went under my open window singing in unison "if you got a problem, yo i'll solve it..." Were they seriously singing Ice, Ice Baby? No way. Wouldn't that be completely uncool in the middle of Harlem on a Friday night? Or maybe some new hip hop song is sampling Vanilla Ice. Wouldn't that be a riot? Oh lord. I truly wonder. For those of us who know...I think the rest of the lyric goes....Check out this beat while my DJ revolves it...vanilla ice, ice baby. uh huh.

Okay, BACK to my true discussion. Fiona Zedde's her name and she just wrote a book! Well, the diva’s been writing and writing for years, but I'm now holding an actual zedde publication in my hand. Can you imagine? I know, like I really know the author! I'm so damn proud of that girl. At my baby shower everybody was commenting and, she's beautiful, who's that. She just walks with grace. If you know her, you know what I mean. Anyway, check out Bliss if you’re interested.

I stopped to scoop out the litter and take out the trash. And spray an entire can of Lysol. Ew.

Another book came, it has such a fascinating and shocking title that I just had to pick it up. But I won’t tell you. I will tell you the authors were Dossie Easton and Catherine Liszt and was written in 1997. That’s the best I will do. Google if you must.

Today I got my hair done. They made me feel like a queen today. My wrap is so neat and pinned. I’m going to be excited to see the final outcome tomorrow when I take out the pins and shake out my hair. Probably the No. 1 reason why I love New York: Today I got a shampoo, deep condition, steam, trim, roller set, machine dry and pinned wrap for…..drum roll please…25 dollars. Ya’ll in Atlanta are just dying. I know. I know. If you really know of a spot that does ALL that for 25 dollars, hold onto it because I never saw it. I had to shave my head off in Charleston because I couldn’t find anyone who could really do my hair. In New York, a salon on every corner keeps the prices low. I tipped well though. They are just too good to me at Honey Salon on Frederick Douglas and 132nd. You get the real DR experience there. (DR is Dominican Republic) I’m name dropping a few of my sisters I know are doing great things. So today its blissful Fiona and the Latina DR Divas at Honey. Also, in the world of kiddie cool, India Arie did an ABC duet with Elmo. What I’d do to get my hands on a DVD of that episode. It is the sweetest, cutest, coolest, and definitely top 20 Sesame Street moments. I got lost on the pbs site so who knows if I can actually get it.


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