Today's Daily Word - Tuesday, March 14, 2006ComfortEmbraced in the warmth of God's presence, I am comforted.There are times in life when I reflect upon a memory that comforts me. I feel at ease and cared for as I recall something such as the soothing taste of nourishing, homemade soup; the gentle sound of a dear one's voice; the caring words in a friend's letter. Whatever my memory is, I feel serene as I recall it. Even of more lasting comfort, however, is the peace I feel in the Holy Presence. The Divine Presence is my comfort through any experience. I relax and clear my mind of any negative thoughts. I replace any limiting expressions or concerns with words and ideas that are gentle, supportive, and comforting. Ever-nourished by the Holy Presence, I realize that no matter what my experience may be, God is with me. Embraced in the warmth of God's presence, I am comforted.


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