Truth is...
See, this blog thing is a funny thing. In one moment, I want to share with my friends and family and interested strangers my thoughts on the day and all the great things life has to offer. But what about when life that day feels like crapola shite? What if I am having major life changes and discussing them in the blog would be like airing my dirty panties for everyone out there to mock and cringe in disgust. What am I supposed to do with this new medium? Am I supposed to keep it kosher, in case little Amelia comes back years from now and finds it? I guess the rule of thumb I’m going with is that if my mother would cringe, I’m not going to write it. But really, as a writer, that’s nearly impossible. Today, I want to talk about the cute guy at work who looks like Seth Green and makes my day every time he says hello. I want to share the fact that I love the shy, nerdy librarian types and marrying a jock type was so out of character for me. Or the cute sporty chica that pretends to flirt with me is raising feelings I thought motherhood and marriage would quench. I want to share that I think men and women should live separately because sharing space with a man is obnoxious. I want to share that I wish I could pay NY rent and NY nanny by myself and that I could lay diagonally on the queen bed and no other body, except the itty bitty franling body curled under my breast, is in the way. I want to share the fact that I miss the sun, surf and sand and running away to hang out with my crazy gay buddy in Hermosa Beach crosses my mind pretty much every four hours at least. (Me and the jogging stroller, whizzing Amelia along the tides) I wish I was so set up that I only summer in NY. My winter months are spent in California or the Caribbean. We all wish and want right? But the thing about me is that if I want, I work hard to get it. I work for what I want. And I want independence and warmth right now. The winter blahs are just stale and annoying at this point. I know in Atlanta the daffodils and azaleas are already out. I’d be sneezing up bloody hell, but at least I’d know spring was around the corner. I still slip on ice and snow in the morning. Should my blog be honest and potentially stirring up trouble? Yes. I think so. That’s just who I am. People who know me wouldn’t expect any less.


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