Dinner last night with the girls! We celebrated belated birthdays with flowers and amazing Indian food! Discussions included the Claremont House in Rome, Ga, how important the perfect cup of coffee or chocolate is to a day, favorite B&Bs, and a discussion that made me rethink my post about the Central Park mommies. When I said, how DARE they complain with the fact they have the luxury to hang out in the park every morning w/o a care in the world. All that time for Baby/Mommy bonding, all the fresh air, the nice abs and thighs. Well, according to Sen the women are miserable, and according to Abha, it really sucks not working. ? What? What on earth do you mean? I was flabbergasted, truly. How can you be unhappy if you have all the time in the world with your babe, all the help you need in daily care, freedom to come and go as you please and money is not an option. I'm starting to realize that NY is full of extremely rich people bored out of their skulls. Abha is forced into not working because of stupid visa issues and she's not happy about it. I completely understand because no children are in the picture to occupy every free second and her brain is phenomenal - this woman needs to be creating economic policy or signing treaties or something of that nature. Therefore, the option to spend every day in the park is not everyone’s idea of fulfilling. As the old saying goes, the grass is always greener on the other side.


  1. By the way, this divine meal was provided by Cafe Spice on University Place near Union Square.


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