An email to myself, a loved on and to anyone and everyone.
I know this may seem like a strange email to you, but I've subscribed you to the Daily Om. Why? Because the positive messages are daily reminders of how I can answer my own questions when I feel lost or confused. I attached pictures that are all of circular images in various cultures, natural settings, spiritual philosophies, etc. Today is Easter and for me, it is a day of birth and life. Rebirth, being born, elevating oneself, cleansing one's temple - the home, the body, the soul.
Don't be afraid to see the patterns of life. Chaos seems to reign in your mind and that chaos releases anger from your mouth, your hands, your loins, your eyes...your entire being. In order to release chaos, you must remove the things that feed him like fertilizer. Ask yourself, what fertilizes Chaos? Why is this weed growing so fast and so strong in me? Chaos is like a tapeworm that feeds on your digested nutrients, robbing you of what you need to sustain your own healthy life. See the parasite within you and remove it. Use this spring as a time for reflection and answer your questions that no one else seems to be able to answer for you. Chaos prevents you from hearing solutions and remedies at removing him until the solutions come from within your own psyche.
Good luck on your journey in finding peace. Themes that help me find peace: recognizing the divine feminine nature alongside the divine masculine nature. Understanding the law of Karma and recognizing that I must reset the scale, like a clock, and put positive energy out into the world instead of negativity. Realized the strength in my own nature - by that, realizing that who I am does not need to be clouded by daily additives to survive - my mind strength and body strength increase when I eat balanced meals, walk regularly and limit my contact with substances like alcohol, cigarettes and recreational and prescription drugs. Also, I fight my urge to not wake up in the morning. Every morning I wake up. My latest is 10 am on a Saturday. During the week I wake between 6 am and 8 am. I suggest resetting your internal clock. Find the discipline within to do that. It's possible and absolutely mandatory into finding a positive solution. Write down one positive thought on the world outside you. Your daily affirmation should be about the beauty outside of your own self, or you fall into a vat of narcissism. I go to church regularly; I show thanks and speak it loudly. I remove all delusions of grandeur I've had in the past and accepted that the true power lies in the smallest ant. Being humble is the key.
None of this is above your head. None of this is above you or beyond you. Everyone's journey feels different but there is a universal message within humanity. Come full circle and recognize your pain, your sins, your negative energy festering like a sore wound. Once you fall and you look up at how far you've fallen, know that every human being has the power to overcome their weaknesses and rise above the pain.
Find yourself through love, discipline, independence and courage.
Don't stop the Daily Oms and when online, Google words that will help you. Peace, serenity, devotion, discipline, Mary, Karma, divinity, gnostic, knowledge, fruit, sun, circle, faith, humility, Siddhartha, Mandala, Mandela, Buddha, Jesus, Noah, Job, Sarah, Grace, freedom, slavery, Chaos, Hades, Captured, Released, Found, Forgotten, Remembered. Loved.

kar·ma (kärm)
1. The total effect of a person's actions and conduct during the successive phases of the person's existence, regarded as determining the person's destiny.
2. Fate; destiny.
3. Informal A distinctive aura, atmosphere, or feeling:


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