I've just been named "Most Organized Parent I've ever seen" by one of Franling's Doctors. This is umm, like winning the Oscars in parenting.
I think it was the Baby Care instruction sheet. A coworker, after hearing the news, promptly said. I'd be afraid to be your nanny. That got me thinking, am I more like Christina on Grey's than I realize. She's my favorite character. Just like Joan on Girlfriends, Charlotte in Sex in the City...the obsessively organized or efficient -- that's my gal! Wow. I finally won my award and it is worth blogging. Remember when Christina was trying to beat out the chief in that laprascopic surgery class, a new start at a technique for her, and just a mild refresher for the chief. Girl, I understand, make him recognize you're the next chief! So yes, I won. No trophy, no special prize. Just a nod from the doc that everthing's going to be fine, God willing, and that she has no doubt I'm doing my absolute best for my baby.
Baby Care Instructions:
Plastic bag in top right drawer includes Insurance information, Hospital/Doctor ID Card and immunization documents.
How to get there: catching the M100 or M101 at 125th or walking up to 135th and walking up the stairs across the park and City College.
Please have Dr. call me after the visit when he has time.
Please call me at work or Shane on his cell if she is looks in pain and is inconsolable for over an hour. She’s usually a very good baby so inconsolable means something is wrong. Shane is very close by and can make it home quickly in case of an emergency.
Food: 8 oz bottle: 4 scoops of Enfamil formula – Extras found in cupboards above the stove. Add lukewarm water to the 8 oz. line. Shake very well. Bottle Warmer needs water added from one of the side flasks in order to create the steam. She most likely will not finish entire bottle within one sitting but will drink 2 to 6 oz at a time. Bottle should be finished within a few hours. Sit her up or place Amelia on your shoulder and rub her back after feeding so she can burp. Spit up common so utilize receiving blankets in top drawer.
The bottle after 11 p.m. should be 3 scoops Enfamil and 1 scoop rice cereal with 8 oz water added. This bottle will help her sleep better through the night. Now she is eating level 1 foods like rice, oatmeal, barley, sweet potatoes, applesauce. There are containers for mixing cereal or leftover foods.

Morning bath and evening rinse: She has very sensitive skin and severe dry skin. She uses the California baby wash or Johnson & Johnson for hair and Dove sensitive for the body. The bath water should be lukewarm – too warm will cause inflammation. Use baby tub or seat in bathtub or kitchen sink. A scooper will be in the wash bag (white with pink lining). Add 1 scoop of Epsom salt and 1 scoop of Aveeno oatmeal, found in a jar in the bag to the water or under bathroom sink. Rinse off all soap and salt water before taking her out of the water. Towels and rags are in the dresser. While she is still wet, apply Vaseline.

After bath process: Her eczema must be treated throughout the day. Any time she begins to turn her head excessively from side to side, scratch at her belly or rubs her legs together, she’s itching. After her bath (2x a day) she will receive 2.5% hydrocortisone on inflamed areas on her legs, arms, back and stomach 1st. The 1 % hydrocortisone with aloe is for inflamed creases, neck and head. 2nd, At least a good handful of Vaseline should be applied to her entire body, from scalp to pinky toe. Throughout the day when flaking or itching or redness occurs, please apply Vaseline. Hydrocortisone to be used only twice a day, but 1% only on inflamed area if severe redness starts to show. If no redness, hydrocortisone may not be necessary. But if she scratches a lot, it is. Constantly apply Vaseline throughout the day, at least every few hours – especially on head, arms and legs.

She should look like a very oily baby by the time you’re ready to put on her clothes. Do not be surprised if her skin soaks up all the Vaseline within the hour and you have to reapply, especially to the legs and arms. Wash hair once a day: California Baby Hair detangler and brush/comb are on top of drawer. Diapers and laundry basket under changing table, extra diapers, Vaseline and wipes are in the closet.

Diaper Changes: Soak baby wipe in Mustela PhysioBebe Rinse if necessary. Clean diaper area thoroughly, always wiping starting in the front towards the back. NEVER wipe backside to front vaginal area. This will make her very sick. Use Desitin or Vaseline on diaper area, preferably Vaseline. Constantly apply Vaseline throughout the day, especially on head, arms and legs.

Clothes: in White Dresser
Top Drawer: Short sleeved onsies, receiving blankets, hats and socks
2nd Drawer: Pants, long sleeved tops and onsies and dresses
3rd Drawer: Bodysuits and night gowns
4th Drawer: Blankets, bibs (never close bibs on her neck or a rash will develop at the back of her scalp, just drape around her neck) and bath towels and rags.
5th Drawer: Crib and Twin bed bedding, shoes and misc. items.
Get a sense of what the temperature in the house is. Her bedroom stays warm so be careful not to have her bundled up in that bedroom. Living room is cooler but house generally stays warm.
ALWAYS cover hands and feet with socks to prevent her scratching herself.
Please keep drawers organized like above. Outfits for the day, gowns and bodysuits for bedtime.

Sleepy time: Place on back. If she’s on her belly, continue to monitor breathing and comfort. Do NOT leave baby unattended in a different room if sleeping on tummy. Boppy horseshoe pillows are great for tummy time, TV watching and when gas is bothering her and she wants to be at an angle, a nap.

For sick baby:
Infant Tylenol dose: .8 ml from the dropper.
Gerber Gas drops for gripe/tummy ache/gas: .3 ml from the dropper
Temperature can be taken by placing tip under her arm and keeping the arm closed. Press the button and when it beeps you will see the temperature come up.
For stuffy nose: create warm saline solution in 4 oz bottle – sprinkle the bottom with no more than a teaspoon of salt. Use syringe and slowly squirt .5 ml into each nostril. Use baby wipes to keep nose clean. Also use Vaseline around nostrils to keep moist.

Warm Weather
On pretty, warm days, Amelia should go out for a walk or to the park. If weather and time permits, Amelia can meet her mom at a local park near the office.
Baby Wipe Warmer – About ¼ cup water added to bottom of warmer weekly. Check to make sure sponge hasn’t dried out. Wipes are in the closet.
Toys – Wash or wipe down with soap and water every 1-2 weeks.
Changing Table – Covers should be changed at least once a week and every time a major soiling occurs. Covers are kept in bottom white dresser drawer.
Humidifier refilled with regular cold water. Pull up the blue water holder and unscrew the top to add water.


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