Tea Party
Well, folks. I think a celebration is in order. No reason other than its warm in NY again. So here it is:
the place: my Harlem Home
the plan: mint tea, a likkle food an ting, speaky spokey, mash it up melodies and plenty pickney. Stir it up, bredren and sistren. Whuyya gwain chat bout?
For those of you enjoying my attempt at patois but would prefer Queen's English - Tea will be served with food (feel free to bring your fave dish if you'd like, but not mandatory), spoken word and musical artists are invited so hopefully they'll share their talents. Also, feel free to bring friend and family if you'd like. Children are welcome. Hell, anyone who does anything or care about anything can talk, sing, dance, crayon, photograph, chant, mooonwalk about whatever they want. You can also sit on the couch and drink tea.


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