Baby girl and I LOVE this CD by Wendy Gelsanliter. She's going to throw a kiddie concert (to my surprise!) near my office - Madison Square Park June 13th 10:30 am. Be there or be square! I'm glad I googled her before the event. The CD was a gift given to me by an old coworker who found her CDs collecting dust while cleaning out her office months ago. Ever since I popped it in to the player, I've been kind of addicted to it. . Now we listen to Dancin in the Kitchen all the time. My favorites: My Grandpa and The Brick Song. Her favorites: Cabell and Sally and When You Get a Little Itch. Great CD. I shall soon start listening to her other CD but I have a habit of wearing a CD out until everyone in the house and the neighbors are annoyed. I'm not done wearing Dancin in the Kitchen out.


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