I was wondering how Harlem got its name.

The oldest mentioning of Haarlem dates from the 8th century. The name comes from "Haarlo-heim", which means 'place, on sand covered with trees, higher than the others'. First Harlem, Haarlem, Netherlands.
In other news, just discovered Lady Sovereign, tiny diva she is. Also, Colbert touches nerves and the hard truth in a quite hilarious and ingenius manner. Ifilm running the Colbert Roasting. Other sites declined to show or removed the face to face bashing of our president and obviously questionable state of journalism and the media today. I need to look up my old J-school mates and see what they have to say about the roasting. In my opinion, most of them deserve to be scolded. Our best and brightest's biggest highlight was covering the Martha Stewart trial. Maybe since then important things have been covered by my fellow grads and maybe they'll highlight their big (important) stories to me. But all in all...disappointment. Myself included. My jaded behind left that side of the biz ages ago in disgust. How many times can a reporter hear from editors, "I'm sorry, its a good story but it doesn't really suit our readers." Translation: Umm, that's too serious and it actually makes an effort to change the wrongs of the world. Go cover the dog show, please. We're conservative at this here paper."
Another problem, I actually showed emotion over the things I covered and I really didn't believe in knocking on the door of a mother who just lost her child. Is her quote saying how devastated she is really important? Does it really add anything to the story to show her mascara stained face in a picture? The problem with the media today is that they are so busy playing it safe and not spending the time to really dig deep into very important stories. Of course, they are many out there doing good work some or most of the time- Amy Goodman, Lisa Ling, Anderson Cooper...feel free to make me aware of any positive reporters pushing the powerful stories and speaking the truth. Anyway, little time to write and wax philosphical. Baby girl is now a very active 6 month old needing every free minute I have. Umm, have i eaten dinner yet? nope. damn, its 9 already. feeding time!


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