I worked from home yesterday, thinking this would be a good opportunity to make a quick trip to the doctor and run some important errands before I leave for vacation. And I thought my franling would enjoy a little extra time with her mama. She’s six months now and she has the new routine on how she deals with daddy and mama. When she wants mommy and she’s with daddy, she wails and wails and wails and stops immediately when I pick her up. When she’s with me but I’m on the computer or otherwise occupied, she will whine and twist and all of a sudden become very itchy until I pay attention. She knows if I sense “itchy” I will stop whatever I’m doing, grab up the nearest cream and give her a lather down. She also knows that I am the easiest one in the house to get whatever she wants from. Like, even though I’ve been with mommy ALL day and Daddy just came home and wants to hang out with me, I want mommy. It’s really cute that I am her favorite person right now. But I feel bad for Shane because she’s mommy obsessed. I hear soon she’ll be Daddy obsessed and I hope he’s not taking it hard. He says it is supposed to be this way and I feel a little guilty about it. Yes, one moment its an ego boost, but in another moment, I know that a few more years of this probably wouldn’t be good for her or for me. But for now, mommy is extra special. I can’t deny it’s a little cool. What’s fascinating is watching her little personality emerge. Amelia loves to laugh. I mean, LOVES to laugh. She’s going to have a big voice, like her mama, like her grandpa Fred and her Great-Grandma Grace. She studies a situation before she makes a peep. She knows when to be quiet and when to be herself. However, if there’s a yucky diaper on her body or an empty tummy, no matter where the setting or what’s going on, that is priority number one of anyone within hearing vicinity. She will scream and rant and rave until it is resolved. This is good. Hopefully, she will remain strong willed and sure of herself. So far, we have a very confident and very loving baby girl here. Who knew I would gladly accept the biggest slobberiest gummiest kisses ever without complaining. I feel so lucky.


  1. i have a feeling, she will always think of mommy as special. ;)


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