A little salsa and mariachi with the wedding bells, please. And don't forget the pina coladas!
I think it’s time to update this bad boy. Who didn’t know I’ve been on vacation in Mexico for 5 days? No hub, no baby, nobody but my mama, who happens to be the best damn travel partner out there. Yea, I’m feeling good. My bronzed skin and laid back smile are indicators to everyone that I’m feeling pretty amazing. Kate’s wedding definitely goes down in the history books as my most favorite wedding outside of my own. I’m still glad we eloped though. Family drama is just as expected as icing on the cake and seeing that I have close to 30 aunts and uncles with an infinite amount of cousins and family friends, my wedding done in the traditional style would be no less than an attraction on Jerry Springer or the Atlanta Zoo. Well, granted a ton of money to throw down on the bonanza could force it into something classy and immaculate. – Imagine catholic cathedrals, botanical gardens, ice sculptures and whatnot. However, that is not my style. Eloping or doing an elegant petite affair is more me. She was a beautiful bride and she was definitely not any bridezilla stomping on the fun of all her guests. She was the epitome of graciousness in her lack of rules on her party of guests for the entire 5 days. She let us have our fun and she enjoyed our company when we were showering her with well wishes and love. She didn’t ignore us in order to tend to high maintenance folks, she didn’t freak out too bad when rain started pouring on the day of the ceremony. She cried like any bride would do but her tears were so sweet and genuine and lacking in any malcontent or obnoxious drama. When she was told that her rainy day was actually a blessing for the region she was immediately comforted and humbled. From our tours we learned Mayan honey farmers were probably rejoicing because the lack of rain meant the bees weren’t producing enough honey to sell in the markets. The rain also in many cultures is a fertility blessing. Her husband should be pleased with that because I know he’s a baby fiend. He holds babies better than me. In the end, no rain sprinkled on the ceremony. They just left behind God-kissed clouds for stunning pictures. It also cleared up for a fantastic wedding parade through Playa del Carmen featuring US! We also had a sage on the premises. Kate’s dad is nothing less than the old wise man who tells infinite wisdom if you listen closely. And yes, it’s true, her mama really is a saint. Of course like any wedding, we had our dramatic moments – a very drunk and high friend loudly spouting off at the mouth about totally inappropriate things leading to most of us about ready to deck him. (umm, please don’t keep telling my mama – a state prosecuting attorney about your escapades on scoring Mexican weed. She keeps telling you the story about the off duty detective who HAD to arrest the dork who kept trying to sell him drugs in a bar no matter how much the cop tried to say no FOR a reason, fool. Hard sell = hard cell in this case. PAs wear badges too, dumbass. Better be glad you don’t live in the state of Georgia, that’s all I’m sayin’ on that. Good thing we really do love that boy.) And a few quite hilarious tears from folks we’d NEVER expect to get “emotional.” In my opinion, only the bride and the women who love her get to cry. Not at this wedding. Sensitive men were definitely allowed. But in the end, I think the fact I got to be a beach bum, learn a little Mayan culture, dance the meringue with waiters and most of all, hang out with great folks and attend a great wedding… well, hell - that had to to be the best damn 5 days I’ve had in a long time.


  1. I so wish I had been a part of this, to be with all of you among the "God-kissed clouds".


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