Mayan Adventure

Coba, Mexico  Cobá is beautiful and mysterious - a visit here requires some effort but is very worthwhile. Its name means "ruffled waters", derived from the five lakes in the vicinity, and it is one of the oldest Mayan settlements on the peninsular. It also has the highest pyramid in the area and the greatest concentration of sacbeob (Mayan roads constructed from stone), both of which suggest a major city - yet the ruins were not discovered until the late 19th century. Even today, only a small fraction of the many structures in this vast site have been excavated and this, together with the remoteness and jungle setting, contribute to the feeling of exploring new ground. Bring a Panama hat and imagine you're Indiana Jones...


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  2. Seems like a great place !

  3. *in little asian boy's voice* "you call him doctor jones, DOLL!"

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