Flower Power
This weekend the entire block received flowers and soil as part of the Community Pride (a division of the Harlem Children's Zone). We got out there and tilled the soil and added begonias, impatiens, salvias and hostas. It was pretty amazing. Someone came up to me and said, "you see what you started?" Granted, I'd love to take credit for the entire block getting flowers due to my being the first to start a plot in front of my building, I'm not. It really was the Block Association making contact with HCZ and finding out about grant money that is available for such things. HowEVER, I will say that it is true, it only takes one to get the ball rolling on positive change. And yes, on the block I certainly don't mind being known as the flower lady. I'll wear that badge with pride.

Oh yeah,an amazing flickr set. I had to share.


  1. Anonymous4:50 AM

    Really cool. Let's see pictures of your newly planted flowers!

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