Forgive me bloggers (my 2 readers HIK and CW), for I have sinnned. It has been a very long time since my last written post. In all honesty, I think I can be forgiven. I've had to fire a caretaker I THOUGHT was da bomb but ended up being a trifling bitch who couldn't communicate through a problem if her life depended on it. I had to rehire someone else. I'm planning a family reunion and I'm also in the throes of summer, meaning I need to go to as many outside activities as possible. In one weekend I marched in Pride, visited the Moma, picnic'd in Central Park and went to Juneteenth celebration. Yes, I'm wiped out. But I'm a woman on the move with a mission - happy home and healthy, sound mind and body. In all honesty, my body isn't its healthiest. I'm worn out with everything. Since returning from vacation, it feels like everything started moving twice as fast just to catch back up and it hasn't let up. My job relocated and that was another big fantabulously annoying event so I'm getting used to a different commute - albeit only a couple blocks it strangely makes a huge difference in the morning. I'm walking a lot more so one would think that would be shedding the extra weight (which I'm assuming is why i'm so tired). My womb needs a checkup so I'm working on getting that done as well. It's just been busy. And because it's not all pleasant good stuff...well, who wants to hear blah blah complain
In other news, Amelia is now a part of an NYU neurolinguistics study. So far it looks like they're studying her brain wave patterns based on various visual and sound stimulations and also studying her cognitive skills though playing with various objects and people. But I'm NOT supposed to KNOW what this is about since we're the ones being subjects, but seemed kinda obvious. Why their doing it, well that I don't specifically know. But what their doing is kinda cool. So Amelia and I are excited participants. What's great is that I got to see her interact with various toys and what stimulated her and what she was bored by.
And as suspected, my baby is very intelligent and curious. However, she needs to make more effort in making different sounds with her mouth muscles. She still tends to just hold her tongue out (sucking tongue). So we'll be working on that at home by making funny faces at her to immitate and introducing different types of foods, sour/sweet/savory/salty etc. But she's doing great for an 8 month old. yay!


  1. and yes. I know...totally unprofessional to call someone a trifling bitch. but some days, ya gotta call a spade a spade and screw "professional". its the damn truth. I will do my best after this post to no longer be annoyed and put all of this behind me. ohmmmm....purging the negativity.....purging the negativity........


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