Lasik here I come. Tomorrow I embark on a journey to a new pair of eyes. I can't deny I'm excited. The nerves may hit when I'm laying there. But after a C-Section, a machine poking at my eye seems mild in comparison. I won't gore you with the details. BUT I must at least say I'm still trying to heal from that damn cut. who'd a thunk a cut on a hairline would be so damn bothersome. sheesh. Sometimes I wish I would've just pushed. hell, i'd take a vertical cut NOT along the hairline now. But I am a chicken and I was tired. ANYWAYZ tomorrow I will no longer have to cry about losing my only pair of glasses in an underwater Cavern in the depths of Mexcio. I will see! Well, if they don't mess it up. God FORBID! Shane almost lost an eye yesterday in a work accident. As I'm gaining, he was almost losing. I've been traumatized because he's so damn lucky he just got a gash under on eye. Something on the site got projectile. And I won't lie, I could swear I knew something jacked up was going to happen.I felt it all that morning. I was dressed and ready to go to work and turned right back around. As I touched the door knob heading out, I felt like something terrible was happening. And when he came home, all bruised up, I cried. One day I'm telling him to go to hell (we've been fussy) and the next I'm praying intensely that he's watched over while at work and througout the day. Let's just call a spade a spade and acknowledge major happening to Shane would be quite tragic in our new little family here - spiritual, emotional,mental, physical, financial...on every level imaginable.
One minute he's a guy I wish would take permanent residence on the couch so I can stretch out and sleep in peace. How many times can a woman say "Leave me the hell alone?" The next I'm weeping because when something bad happens, it reminds me that life is short and precious and loved ones can come and go, be blind or seeing, brain alert or brain dead in less time it takes to post a blog.
In time I hope to grow thicker skin as I enjoy my new eyes. All this weepy business...can anyone say PMS? shite crapola.
By the way, New York thinks its having an Indian Monsoon. No end to this rain!!! Noah? Noah! Let me on! I promise to clean to flamingo poop! And I can use my new eyes to look out for doves.
By the way, watched Narnia last night. FANTABULOUS. Okay, Asiyah you were right. A Muslim friend had to point out the Christian references. (uhh, duh) But once she said, think Christian, then I picked up every reference. Peter = Peter (vatican built on his tomb for heavens sake), Aslan=Jesus, the sisters = the Marys, the sacrifice...the whole freakin show. wow. All these years and I never recognized the New Testament symbolism. fascinating. maybe i would've picked it up if it was a reading assignment and we had to "analyze" it and pick it apart. But hey, I kinda liked going oh, whoa, mr. lewis throughout the movie. Is it me, but why can't every big movie lion sound like James Earl Jones? sigh....couldn't they pick him up and give the verizon commercials to whoever that was?
why am i still blogging?
holy mary mother of god, pray for this woman who won't go to her friggin bed.


  1. i had no idea you were doing this! i wish they could laser hair on my head!

  2. Post Op: Day 1
    From 20/300 to 20/20.
    I'm a happy lady!

  3. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Lawrence just got his done last week. 20/20 in less than 24 hours, but loves it.

    -soo jin

  4. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Yay! Congrats!!!


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