Lasik">Lasik success!
With my new pair of eyes I keep going...Thank you, God for making humans smart. With a little laser zaps I'm 20/20. Probably even better. We shall see on Wednesday when I go in for a post op check up. But already, the cloudy vision is gone and I'm seeing like I have contact glued to my eyeballs. Except they are MY eyes!!!! Yes, it is worth it. My advice to anyone contemplating, if you have flex spending benefits at work, use this to cover it and get it taken out of your pay checks before taxes throughout the year. Very nice benefit there if you have it. Most people don't even use it when they do have it.
My first weekend with new eyes was spent at Madison Square Park and Central Park, enjoying the little details, the shape of every leaf, the ripples on ponds, the color blue on the back of a bird's neck.
I feel like I have dry eyes a bit and that its a bit grainy. But every day it gets better and I just stick to my anti inflammation and antibiotic drops on schedule and I'm fine. And I'm using Refresh Tears whenever I get the urge to moisten my eyes.
So yay Stahl Eye Center for making me see like I've never seen before.
It was like the first day I got my glasses when I was 8 or 9 years old. As we were driving home I looked outside the car window amazed. I asked my mom incredulously, "So you can see all the leaves in the trees? Wow. It's my first time seeing sun on the leaves."
Seeing that I've been without glasses for weeks on end in the last few months (losing them in the depths of a winter coat for a while and then permanently losing them in Mexico), the effect was pretty much the same as 20 years ago.


  1. i'm so jealous!!! i want to see too!!!! although i must say, i will miss how intellectually pretty you used to look in your glasses. perhaps you can de-lense them and wear them for effect sometime....


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