Its my birthday, It's my birthday, I'm gonna party like Its my birthday...

Ya'll I'm SO feeling my birthday...Hear I am sayin awww, its not the big 3-0 so I'm just gonna chill....I lied.
I'm acting like a straight up fool today.
I started the day off by rollerblading around the apt like I aint got no sense. strapped amelia in her stroller and zipped along the hardwood floors like i was in the park and not an ny apt at 6 am.
But hell, I said let me practice where i can fall an nobody's going to laugh at me. I can't wait for lunch cuz I'm going for a pedicure and then I may go shopping...and then I'll come back from my extended lunch and pretend to work.
Okay, I'll really work. I recently got a promotion (all that patience finally paying off)...and since it happened yesterday, well, I gotta work. I'm here...being silly, all proud of myself, all happy that its my birthday and that i'm gonna get bizy like its my birthday with my rollerblades and my pedicure and my....hmmm...what's day of spontanaeity holds many suprises...but for now that's it!


  1. Anonymous3:01 AM

    Hey girl! Happy birthday again!

    Much Love,


  2. happy birthday to u 2!


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