Doing better these days...coming along. Back at work. They acted like the place was about to sink because I was gone 3 days. Drama Queens.
Anywayz....auditioned for a gospel choir (badly I may add, but Lord knows they may pity me and take me anyway) and found a LOCAL knitting group...The Harlem Knitting Guild, Saturdays at the Hue-Man bookstore by the movie theater. I've been looking for an excuse to just hang out there. I LOVE that place. Great books, great atmosphere. The guy there is always so sweet to me. I always come in with Amelia so he just loves giving me baby advice. Now that I've come in more often, he realized I really am not a young mom trying to get some edumacashun and in desperate need of good advice (hmm....well...maybe I spoke too soon!) he's laid off a bit. But could it be because I have more interest in the kiddy books? They are truly amazing. Alice Walker has a children's book. There are books about Ella and Harlem with amazing illustrators. Every book geared towards for children of color is back there. It's pretty phenomenal. Every author of color I can think of is in there. Well, Fiona's not yet so I plan on requesting her latest book just so they'll start stocking her. I think that's a good idea. If your favorite bookstore doesn't have a lesser known author you like, even if you have the book, order it anyway. They'll order yours and a couple more for the shelves.
Tomorrow Shane and I are going on a date. Like a real date. I got us tickets to Corinne Bailey Rae today and I'm excited. I dont' have any of her stuff but folks just can't stop talking about this woman so I'm going to go while the ticket prices aren't out the roof and she's not selling out stadiums. That's what happened to my Etta James. I remember when I was a teenager and discovered her for the first time. Yes, it was a car commercial that did it. But for a full year, I hunted down that CD. My dad found an old LP and surprised me with it. For my birthday my mom got us tickets that weren't crazy expensive to see her at Chastain Park. Then almost a decade later, I'm visiting curiouswill over there in LA and she's sold out the Hollywood Bowl. Yes, she's an oldie but goodie, but she went back underground and was a blues treasure. When I saw her a second time I only saw her as a spec. But that's okay...I'm so proud of her that everyone started to know her name and give her and her voice the props it deserves.
Ahh, see...I just went down one fine avenue of memory lane. I really have great parents. It took me a long time to see that, just cuz they were drama queens just like me by the time I was a teen. But good times were had. MosDefinitely
Another name I'm feeling right now...Toshi Reagon ...She was at SummerStage with Ani DiFranco. I heard again recently cuz I rewatched my Sweet Honey in the Rock DVD. I may have mentioned this before, but this lady is the daughtor of Bernice Johnson Reagon - the big bad Sweet Honey soul sister that was in it from the start. This voice that one guy describes at peach skin touching your ears. Let me see if I can describe Ms. Bernice...when I hear her leading vocals it goes deep inside me. It starts in my gut with butterflies, it travels to my heart and squeezes around it until a rush heads to my brain and I have to release the energy I feel by tearing. I automatically put my hands in the air thanking Jesus for hearing God's Love through her voice. Sweet Honey will be performing at Carnegie Hall in November but the tickets are a little over my head right now...we'll see in the Fall how that goes. Bernice is no longer with Sweet Honey. I believe this is the first year w/o her. But they still sound good so I'm not worried. She lead well, but it is definitely her time to rest. Sweet Honey in Rock has been around since I think the late 60s, definitely strong in the 70s...that's a long time ago.
Times UP, times UP! Off this computer I go!


  1. Hey Mama,
    Harlem is indeed a great place. I lived in NY before I moved out west and I still miss her allot. You should definately come to the west sometime --just to see the difference sides of this place.


  2. omg i LOVE Corinne Bailey Rae!!! gooo put your records oooooooon.........


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