Last night was a beautiful night. Ms. Bailey Rae definitely is a peaceful looking little woman. I suspect a major star on the horizon. Phenomenal sound. I'm so glad I went. Even though I was nervous about standing up so long with my surgery and all, it worked out cuz Shane and I plopped down on some stairs close to the stage. So when I was ready to stand, I had a perfect view of this beautiful woman and her guitar, castanets (too lazy to check the spelling on that)...but mostly....her voice! Damn...I know lots of people have been talking about her but I like to see the person live if at all possible before buying into the hype. The hype is for real. We'll be hearing more from her I'm sure. Plus, she's so adorable. omg. too cute.
Feeling much stronger these days...thank the stars.
Mom's in town...yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
Idlewild is the weekend...yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
I'm suspecting a lovely weekend ahead.


  1. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Oh, nice, glad to hear that you're feeling better. :)

  2. thanks, hon. I really, really am.


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