Nice weekend it was. My own mama was in town and she spoiled me enough to forget that she forgot my birthday. Okay, maybe I'm being unfair. She remembered earlier in the week, just that day, she forgot. So on Friday night we took in a midnight show of Idlewild. Phenomenal. I really loved it. But I'm a musical loving kinda gal. Living in Harlem means I don't hear southern accents much anymore so I sat with my girl also from the ATL and was able to properly enjoy a very Southern style production. You could hear us in the back...GA ... Atl...Outkast! like we're at a step show or somethin. Between our comments on man, that's JUST like my uncle or laughin at some phrases no one else in the theater seemed to get, we had a damn fine time. But the real fact of the matter, Rue and I agreed, was that black folks have choices now. It's not just your shootemup New Jack City type of gangsta flick...Finally, finally finally, there are different types of movies. Something New - Phat Girlz - Idlewild - Noah's Arc - Everybody Hates Chris - Corinne - 50 cent...TVOne, Black Family Channel. choices! choices! Even nixing UPN couldn't stop the floodgates from opening.
We're not just what white folks like to label us when they see a big group of black or latino - ghetto. We're more than that. That's just a safe label they tell themselves when they realize in the context of the rest of the world they are the minority. And for the record, if we have to get techinical... I've ALWAYS been ghetto if you check my zip code...Stn Mtn..Decatur...Athens West side...Charleston upper city...Brooklyn AND Harlem. See, that's the beauty of ghetto. To outsiders its truly a safe label to classify poorer, ignorant, less thn. To insiders...its a mecca of individuals being themselves loving fighting living...ghettofabulously.
Anywayzzz.I digress...back to story..Mom sat down in the front while we were jokin in the back. The next day mom and I saw Mama Mia on Broadway. Now THAT was fun. Afterwards, we couldn't stop wondering when the Idlewild Broadway show would come out because we are very ready to see it. It is definitely meant for Broadway.
It was a good weekend. I'm back to my old self again. Healing up to the point I don't feel much pain anymore so that's good news. But Sunday night felt like a funeral because I was so sad to see my best bud head home. I'm very close to that woman. I'm the kinda gal that wants to move next door to her and would never feel overwhelmed by having my mom around all the time. My mom's the kinda mom other girls WISH they had. Yea! and she's MINE!!! She's so great, I don't like to share sometimes. She spent the beginning of the stay with other family and I groaned and complained until she was settled into my spot for the weekend. I'm like...priorities, woman! Your daughter and granddaughter are requesting your presence. But I got over it...I knew I was being unfair. Plus, she saved the best part for me..the weekend!
For a weekend I felt like someone really knew me and would always have my back, no questions asked. I guess that's real mama power.
The goal is to feel that power within myself and to learn to find it and use it through my own purposeful life.
I aint there yet.


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