so i didn't totally waste the day..but the IMs today were pretty fantastic if I do say so're going to come after me....get my screenname off your blog woman!

kyuriko22: read that nytimes article; they are making killing in "self-defense" law. they don't even hafta prove they feared their lives
kyuriko22: this is given reg people an opportunity to kill whomever whenever when they feel smthg is wrong w/o proof that smthg was actuallly wrong
kyuriko22: this crazy
kyuriko22: is crazy
Franciamm: very crazy
kyuriko22: i know....i didn't read the whole thing, but it said most the southern and western states legalized bogus, this country is. i mean it's great in lots of ways but controversial and contradictive in many others
kyuriko22: i can't stand it
Franciamm: its a crazy world
Franciamm: i agree
kyuriko22: i hate that i brought my son into this world...i kno, that's a pretty strong statement
Franciamm: i just finished reading it
Franciamm: sometimes i think that...but then ya never know
kyuriko22: yeah
Franciamm: he may be the next gandhi or mlk
Franciamm: those who make it on this planet are most likely here for a reason i think
kyuriko22: yeah....i'd prefer that then for him to go the wrong way, but this world is evil...even 2 the good people
Franciamm: oh yes
kyuriko22: that's a good outlook to have
kyuriko22: i need to adopt that
kyuriko22: cause ima drive mysself crazy
kyuriko22: lol
Franciamm: life is suffering, and our goal is find happiness w/in the suffering
Franciamm: and peace on our journey through all the madness
kyuriko22: (sigh) that's very hard to do
Franciamm: tell me about it
Franciamm: as i get ready to scrape away at my cervix and a mother's son isn't even cold in the grave
Franciamm: it sucks
kyuriko22: sigh
Franciamm: read my blog
Franciamm: i think its funny
Franciamm: lol
Franciamm: on to sillier topics
Franciamm: i use "silly" to get through "sucky"
kyuriko22: lol
kyuriko22: yeah, i can use that
kyuriko22: sorry, i tend to get so heated on things that piss me off that i go over board
kyuriko22: lol
Franciamm: nah, nothin wrong with that
Franciamm: its good to be passionate about things like that
Franciamm: it really is
Franciamm: did u ever watch or read hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy?
kyuriko22: no i haven't. what's that about
kyuriko22: ?
Franciamm: i just bought it on netlix once i thought about
Franciamm: let me give you the link and then i'll tell u why i like
Franciamm: so its this tale about how this guy deals with earth blowing up and his journey in figuring out the meaning of life if all of earth and all he knows can be so easily wiped out because of a universal hwy
Franciamm: and in this one scene this whale is falling to the ground and so its a pot of they are falling the whale is thinking a mile a minute..what am i? where am i? what's happening? why am I falling? what am i going to be? and just when he seems to be figuring something out, he thuds to the earth and dies
Franciamm: on the other hand...the potted plant just sighs and goes "sighh, bother...not again." the plant just accepts that he's falling and fails to stress about it and it seems the plant knows that worrying is just a waste of breath and sometimes life is just falling
Franciamm: its very existentialist i believe, this movie...based on a bestseller
kyuriko22: wow
kyuriko22: that sounds interesting
Franciamm: and i personally love the disney-fied movie...die hard hitchikers would prefer a more monty python dry brit humor approach i think
Franciamm: i love it
kyuriko22: do u have it now?
Franciamm: hence me buying it spontaneously
Franciamm: well, i just bought it
kyuriko22: maybe we can make a movie date
Franciamm: so i'll have it in a few days
kyuriko22: lol
Franciamm: yes, def

Franciamm: something to make u laugh: conversation with cousin
Franciamm: Namey Namey: do u know how to make beet salad with fresh beets?
fran: ew
fran: no
fran: hate beets
Namey Namey: love em
fran: haven't tasted a beet in at least a decade
fran: one thing i truly will not eat
Namey Namey: i lovebeet salad
Namey Namey: and beets aregood for you
fran: ew
Namey Namey: they are so natural, they tast elike dirt
fran: ewwwww
fran: stop it !
fran: ur grossing me out
fran: think i pretty much nixed beets once i got my period
fran: realized it looked like i was eating a blood clot
Namey Namey: hahhhahaha
Namey Namey: dwl
fran: kekekek
curiouswillsays: that's disgusting
curiouswillsays: i hate beets too they are nasty


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