So I'm in the midst of one hot summer...the pressure is on to relax myself and stop going to every free concert, every family function...every possible thing I can drag myself and my family and/or friends to. It is time to relax and prepare for the fall. Fall means I want to go hiking at least 2 times. MUST see fall foliage.
But I think I've analyzed my desire for flight. I love my apartment, but I hate being in it. Although I have 2 ACs blasting 24-7, I still think its an oven waiting to bake us like bread. I hate having to wash dishes, fold clothes, answer the phone, pick up this, burp that,...blah blah blah. Instead, I pack up my child and head to the park....she tends to shit less in public. Kinda like her mama. I feel sorta bad because I know Mondays when everything is back to normal, Amelia lets a big one go for the caretaker. Its inevitable. I always see the evidence in baby clothes and sheets and even caretaker clothes all wet and drying all over the bathroom on Monday night. But guess what, I think I have a very sweet baby who will soil pretty much anything and anyone besides good old ma. Yes, I've had my share. After all, I'm prime poop cleaner around the place when absolutely no one else will do it and I have no authority over anyone else to force them to do it. So yes, I've seen it, smelled it..worn it.
But that is WHY flitting around town like a social summer butterfly with an antennae missing is a must. Amelia too is the master of social situations. No one wants to hold a stinky baby.
Yes, there are moms out there reading this and saying I'm a monster and creating a little monster. But let's keep it real.
This officially not only my child's first year of's my first year getting used to all this.
The thing about my kid is that I absolutely love having her around me. If the destination is stroller accessible we're there. She's the gal I call first in case something cool is happening and I know she'll be game.
And in all honesty, as I was hypothesizing with a friend this morning...Amelia doesn't enjoy being in the house for days on end because its either too hot, or too cold or too rainy or no adult feels like taking her out. She doesn't have the social interaction with other kids that she'd get at the daycare (as well as the colds and other daycare mishaps...if I here of ONE more daycare kids with the FLU or pneumonia). So I really believe she's totally ready to get out and about by the time weekend comes.
And she takes a big nap and a big shit on Monday cuz she's a baby and is allowed to sleep in the weekend's debauchery of icees and mr. softee ice cream trucks.
As for me, my behind shows up to work with people commenting on how unrested I look after the weekend. Not even foundation seems to mask the fact we were out and about too much this weekend.
But I will say one thing. Visiting an uncle in NJ is completely NEVER happening again for the rest of the year. So far I've had 2 trips back and forth to Glen Ridge and that means 4 hellish journeys comparable to a mouse looking for cheese in a maze (with a hungry cat standing over). I hate to say babe's little 4 year old cousin's cries to see her and even the offer of free baby stuff will not lure me back to jersey. That place is cursed for the New Yorker.
If I leave off Jersey as a destination until say 2008 I think the under eye bags will disappear. Not even my boot camp training on the ATL I-285 or I-20 help me stomach that madness on the other side of the Lincoln tunnel.



  1. what a grand idea. i too will save my shitting for mondays.


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