And I keep going....

Yes, good week. Very good week. Granted I thought I was on an emotional see saw because I'm hating the crowded trains and itching for sitting on a porch rocking chair in solitude listening to crickets and frogs. So many people. So many people you do not know. Now that I've been reprimanded about being late, I'm now on the severely crowded trains coming and going. Messing with my nerves, man. I'm chewing orange orbit like a fiend just to calm the fried nerves. I know its just a weird time of year. Yes, I love the Fall. I'm creative, the orange colors and winds mean I'm painting, knitting, singing more. And I love fall things to snuggle up and read a book. (STILL loving the Amy Tan book) However, I'm not loving the anxiety filled crowd because school's back in session and the colds because the temperature is one morning 30 and one afternoon 75. I'm edgy. One cousin likes to say I'm at my best when I'm thinking I'm at my worst. My mother's anxious I don't have a shrink lined up already. But with the weight loss, I feel silly for needing to "talk"...have I mentioned I hit 10 lbs this week? TEN! I'm giving away all my "big" clothes because I don't need them. I'm over them. All this abundance and all these blessings and my brain feels like giving me the apocalypse spiel? ugh. Working on it, working on it...


  1. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Change is stressful, even if it's good change. I had the same problem a few months ago, i had everything I wanted but still was completely overwhelmed. Get your therapist, it'll make you enjoy the ride more.

    and i hate crowded trains too. can you walk part of the way? or take the bus?

  2. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Keep on keeping on chica! Hi-5 on the weight loss! Speaking of knitting...I request a scarf mostly black with purple/lavendar edges/ends - ok start knitting!
    Love you! Kemi

  3. I'm trying to leave earlier so I can bus it first to the east side and then onto a less intense shorter train ride. I did that this morning and I feel good about that.
    My next knitting project...well, that one's for me...but next time around...mos def Kemi.


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