Check the bag ladies, check the bag.

Franciamm: so i snuck away to the mac counter
Franciamm: and this sales woman was neurotic
Franciamm: she was great - I thought.
Franciamm: and then she promptly put everything WRONG in my bag
kyuriko22: what?
Franciamm: i went to macys
Franciamm: and i went to mac
Franciamm: to by some foundation
Franciamm: i had a gift cert
Franciamm: and she got it wrong so i have to go back
Franciamm: put white lady foundation in the bag
Franciamm: very annoying
kyuriko22: LOL
kyuriko22: o damn
kyuriko22: "white lady foundation"
kyuriko22: lol
Franciamm: sorry, she was trippin
kyuriko22: lol
Franciamm: we worked together for afull 20 min
kyuriko22: u didn't check b4 u left?
kyuriko22: dang
Franciamm: and she gonna put the stuff in wrong
Franciamm: trifling
kyuriko22: lol
Franciamm: nah
Franciamm: i trust
Franciamm: like a dumbass
kyuriko22: chica, check b4 u leave next time...lesson learned today
kyuriko22: lol
Franciamm: yes
Franciamm: yes
kyuriko22: sell it
Franciamm: i don't shop enough
kyuriko22: o, no
Franciamm: no, they are seeing my behind
kyuriko22: it was a gift cert
Franciamm: in 2 hours
kyuriko22: lol
kyuriko22: o boy
Franciamm: i have my receipt
Franciamm: they know they're wrong


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