I am quite amazed at this little girl’s development. I am so proud. Today is a rainy Friday and I sueann showed me Amelia’s first drawing. I couldn’t believe it. She held a pencil and made scribbles all over paper. I didn’t think she’d be able to do that yet. I come home and my baby is standing on her own, drawing, holding her bottle like a pro, saying mama and dada and attempting other words. She really enjoys showing off a new skill. She likes to show you what she can do on her own. It won’t be long before she’ll say….No, mom…I can do it by myself! She has a lot of encouragement from us to do things on her own like eat and drink and play, but I feel like holding her tighter to tell her she doesn’t have to grow up so fast. She can stay my little infant baby a little longer if she’d like. However, time and development aren’t allowing that. If I want another infant, I better look elsewhere and not at Amelia. These are my first official twinges of wanting another one. Not yet, but Amelia will need a younger sibling one day. And this mommy will need a little infant to baby. One day, but not now. So much new in one year, I think a break for a few years in adding to the family is a wise idea. But hey, sometimes that decision is not mine to make.  But I’ll do my best to think wisely and not emotionally when it comes to that.
This weekend I plan on knitting with the harlem knitting guild and that’s pretty much it. I have some movies hitting my mailbox today or tomorrow so Children of Dune and Transamerica should keep me entertained. I’ve gotta figure something out because I won’t be able to have Amelia just sleep while I watch my movies and shows. Now I really have to pay attention to ratings. For such a big movie watcher such as myself, censoring myself will be hard. I tend to let Amelia stay up a little longer than she should a few nights a week because I miss her so much during the day I hate having only a couple hours of time before bedtime to hang out. But it IS Greys premiere next week! Last season she was clueless on the goings on the screen, now my babe is quite aware and interactive with the TV….she KNOWS her shows!
And I’m so not one of those who will not allow her child to watch TV – limited, yes. Most times when I get home I turn it off because I have the suspicion the TV’s been on all day. I can’t stand a TV in the background when no one is watching. And I can’t stand watching bad TV just cuz nothing else is on. So in order to not turn the little one into an addict or knowing things inappropriate for baby to know…I shall be careful. It’s more about inappropriate sexual behavior and violence. Don’t want her getting the wrong ideas. But obviously, so far so good. Drawing, standing, independent feeding…we’re on a roll. A good roll.


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