Is God trying to tell me something?

I've had this period of time where so many tools I used to communicate with friends and family have been down and out.  It started with the DSL at home going down. For weeks I begged Verizon to get me back and running to no avail. I finally gave up by cancelling the service all together. They didn't even seem upset about it. I haven't recevied on call begging me back at a discount. They are so large, my 30 bucks a month means nothing to them. My cell phone. This Cingular relic is on its last legs. I've been trying to replace the phone, pay for the phone, upgrade the features, all these things to make it easier for me to use the damn thing, but one thing leads to another. I have no access to the Internet at home and work is too busy to handle much personal biz there. So bills were being delayed in being paid. It feels like a virtual train wreck. Watching everything start to slam into each other and collapse into pieces because one vital cog is displaced. Then the telephone. Verizon is having a hard time in our area as they try to replace cables (which probably led to the demise of my DSL) every weekend for the last month has left the home phones only partially working or not at all. I spend way too much time on my work phone (remember, really bad cell phone) trying to resolve the home phone issues. I'm also trying to work with Cingular on the cell phone but I am not an "authorized user" My husband is.You'll take my money, but you won't authorize me as a user who can get a new phone? cute. And work computer's motherboard fries. Seriously. "Fried" was the word the IT guy used. So we had to move my hard drive to one computer, place my files on the shared drive, I'm working at a different station that has the programs I need and accessing the files from the shared drive. I'm forwarding my work phone number to a different work phone. I'm web accessing work email - which is very questionable. I was attempting to schedule lunch with a friend. It was actually done. Meet me at the playground at 12:30 (as if we're 10). Even though she understood the situation she still said, I'll IM you when I reach. nuh uh...not Test messages, no IM...maybe email...maybe a phone call. I forgot about a meeting at the same time (I forgot to update the Outlook Calendar) so now I'M backpedaling trying to cancel. Her phone number is in my cell phone.  What the hell. Hold up? Is that my work phone ringing at my defunct station? I must have just pressed the release fwd button or something. Oh gawd. Lets hope she reads this blog. Maybe she's trying to confirm the cancel. Did I tell you the Dell tech people came out and brought the wrong part yesterday. I will be displaced at work until Mon. - earliest. I was supposed to be back up and running on Thurs. morn.
So strange this all is.


  1. I just figured out how to email my blog postings. At least SOMETHING is working in my favor.


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