So this was the first time I dealt with baby cold. I mean, it’s a whole new experience. She is teething – the top two are trying to come in so it was a snotty, drooly weekend. But leave it to Baby Girl to have the utmost grace in handling the icky achy moodiness being sick entails. Granted, she was understandably moody. But she was sweet enough to handle a little fresh air at Rockland Lake park and to sit in for 20 minutes of mommy’s knitting group. She’s also releasing her hands and showing off that she can stand w/o support for about 5 seconds before plopping to the ground or onto the bed. Due to my bad habit of bouncing her up and down on the bed, she’s now learned that standing up and throwing herself back leads to loads of fun and giggles when a fluffy bed plans to catch her fall. So now if we’re laying in bed, we have to be careful that she doesn’t go flying off. Right now we’re still in baby proofing mode. Fave attractions: trash receptacles, kitty food and water, shoes, bathroom, telephones and remotes. Lord have mercy…why can’t she just like her toys? Very curious kid, so I’m thankful for that. She loves the Boondocks intro. I feel somewhat guilty watching such a grown up cartoon in front of her, but she has no idea (yet) about context. I netflixed all of the Boondocks episodes. I used to have the biggest crush on the writer. Aaron McGruder for me years upon years ago was just OMG…hella fine. I mean, I used to dream of us making little Huey babies and living happily ever after. My corniness even led me to write him once and ask him on a date. Even before he had a following he still was too uppity or freaked out to respond. Back then he was making controvery at the Augusta Chronicle and at papers all over the nation for his comic strip. I choose to think uppity. I’m SO cheesy. It’s like going and asking Mos Def to prom. Yes, he’s not crazy famous but still too cool to go out on a date with normal folk. Ahh, back in the day…thinking about that makes me laugh.


  1. Boondocks Theme [lyrics]

    I am the stone that the builder refused
    I am the visual
    the inspiration
    that made lady sings the blues

    I'm the spark that makes your idea bright
    the same spark
    that lights the dark
    so that you can know your left from your right

    I am the ballot in your box
    the bullet in your gun
    that inner glow
    that lets you know
    to call your brothers son

    the story that just begun
    the promise of what's to come
    and I'mma remain a soldier
    til' the war is won

    Judo flip. chop chop chop
    Judo flip. chop chop chop
    Judo flip. chop chop chop
    Judo flip. chop chop chop

    [written by]
    derryck "big tank" thornton
    aaron mcgruder
    gabriel benn

    [performed by]


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