Still having computer drama. Tech dude Sean - (very very good tech guy) is working on the problem. We keep having false starts - thinking all is well and its not. So I fit in these jeans my mom sent me over the weekend.... feeling mighty fine.
14 to 10....and still going...


  1. Anonymous10:49 PM

    Hey lady! 14 to 10? WOW! Good for you :)

    You shouldn't focus on weight by the way, I think that measurement is a better indication. Doesn't muscle weigh more than fat?

    Either way, you're setting a good example for my little munchkin, Amelia. I miss her so much - please post more pictures (or send them to me!)

  2. I know hon...I was looking at the pics from Mother's Day and getting teary eyed. I'll send you some. I'm getting stingy about pics on the blog these days.


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