swaddling, so important to happy people

I miss my girl. I'm so missing her today. She gave me hell last night. The guilt I feel around Monday evening 7 pm when she's very very moody translates into "Mom! Where have you been?! You hang out with me all weekend, we have tons of fun, I'm the center of your world for 2 and half days and now you stand me up. LEAVE me, ALL day...your amazing daughter...hmf." As a comfort to her and myself, I picked up papoose sling and my shoulder wrap and swaddled her on my hip until bed time. This Mama's Milk sling still is handy and I refuse to let her be too big for it. Now she rests on my hip with legs dangling, instead of swaddled on my chest. We listened to  peaceful music and watched my captured beauty screen saver (see the flickr slideshow), which she loves. Shane made a yummy comfort food filled dinner so smiles and spoils were for everyone. I even let her hang out in the bed extra long before falling a sleep. I think a little Monday snuggle overdose is a good idea. Mondays can be so damn rotten, but there are remedies.
But I've been very productive today so I feel great about the job.  My supervisor is really being a gem these days. Positive feedback, healthy critiques, understanding yet stern. Yes, I guess you could say she's spoiling me as well with the positivity and I shouldn't expect it all the time....but I AM a happy employee happily getting the job done. Could it be that she too being on weight watchers is a changed woman?  All the ladies in the office on the program are remarkably happier these days. hmmmm.....makes ya think.... I think we're all feeling more confident -- a little weight loss boosting the esteem.  Thursday I'm taking the day off to handle some stuff and even though it'll be biz most the day, hopefully not being in the office means I'll have extra time. Time, these days a little extra of it is like a Christmas present. 
Oh yea! 11 mos. today! Yay! I'm planning a Halloween Birthday party. I think it'll be fun...all the cute kiddie costumes and whatnot. I'm going to lovvvve having to plan Fall birthday parties...I foresee pumpkin patches, apple picking, foliage hikes....
I really do love Fall.


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