what to do with a digital camera

So I find that carrying around my camera is a great way to solve some of my life's annoyances. For instance, I think my building superintendent is a moron and I've been taking pictures of his shoddy maintenance of my building. I then email them to the building management group. I've done this for a broken window water leaks and bad looking hallways. Granted, I know I live in Harlem and most buildings aren't that well kept up here besides the million dollar brownstones, but still. If you insist we pay Manhattan prices for these casas, you better believe you're going to keep the WHOLE damn place in order.  So for the first time, my elusive building manager head honcho calls me and apologizes for the problems, he's done an inspection of the building and the super has had a talking to and plans for improvement are on the way...We shall see, of course. But damn. I really and truly have never spoken to the elusive Sami. And there he is, calling me apologizing. My camera and my little emails and phone calls are starting to get his attention that I refuse to put up with dinginess. Granted, if I could just get the rest of the building to see the importance of reassembling the tenant's association and merging forces with the block association, we really and truly would be a force to be reckoned with. If I'm going to be here for a while, I might as well make it the best possible abode as possible. But I think Shane and I coming to a reality here with our baby. Her skin hates the cold. We're back to our itchy scaly flare ups now that the humidity has left NY. Moving back south seems more and more an inevitability. Her body is insisting upon it. On another note, I  captured a picture of Madison square park's gardens and I plan on sending comparison pics of St. Nicholas near my home to the Park Dept. UNFAIR and probably illegal difference in maintenance and foliage. I think some of our plants are sitting in the Madison garden patches.


  1. Momma you keep snapping away with that camera until he fixes them hallways and pipes! I always use my digital camera to try and commit blackmail with my freinds that are always doing something shady behind thier boyfriends backs... I have yet to collect a dollar but I am still trying!! I heard you are lookin good these days. Keep up the good work!!

  2. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Good for you girl!

    DC10, that's friggin hilarious! :)


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