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Make My Cake
Location, location location!
A pick-up in walking distance with a very nice cake designer named Crystal taking my order with all the ladybug specifics how could I resist? At first, I was thinking she didn't have time to take my order and almost went elsewhere when a call was forgotten to be returned. But she made up for the slight in being oh so sweet in getting the order placed.
So now, admittedly, I went over budget for this affair but I think dear husband will forgive me once he sees it. And you're only 1 once. But after hearing about a coworker attending a super sweet 16 where the decadence was bordering on MTV-obscene, I am promising myself that on future birthdays, I plan to keep them small and sweet so by the time she does reach that age she's not expecting an affair worthy of television cameras. I'm hoping she'll like the outdoors and opt for a trail hike with her family and a friend or two instead of a party. And seeing the cake was the big budget item and not a half dozen high priced "in" toys, I'm satisfied. But I consider birthdays hugely important. Its the only day that will ever be your day. So honor it and treasure it because there is so much to say for growing older gracefully.
How I'm still losing weight with all this cake talk is beyond me, but I AM. I was serious about only eating 1 small piece of the cake I made last week. But Mary Janes came into the house this week and THAT cannot happen again. This is my third lecture about this to my household. Those damn things throw me off the wagon every time.


  1. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Happy (early) Birthday to my little Amelia. I can't wait to the pictures!!!


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