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Taking 5 (okay, maybe 10) minutes to post something since all day has been insane. The banks and government offices are closed, but I'm still swamped. oh well.
Saw V for Vendetta.
Everyone should see that movie. My comic book buds already know about this classic graphic novel. I've read a few great graphic novels and one day I'll get back into them. Some of our best movies are based on them.
This movie rocked because as a jaded and many times apathetic citizen, I needed a reminder of what happens when you fear your government, or at least when you sit by and let them do what they want. When you let them be aggressive and evil. You give them power they do not deserve because they forget that you are the power that they work for. When you forget your government works for you and you just shrug when they do injustices against you and the ideas and life you believe in, you give them corrupt power.
I know this, but I think I needed a reminder. I needed to see a Hitler type character on my screen to remind me. But I think we all forget the things that our country is doing to other countries in the name of "freedom." Until we see Guantanamo Bay as this decade's Auschwitz, we're really not going to understand the extent of what is being done under the name of USA. 
Imagine if our troops, out there to fighting for an idea, bless their hearts, were fighting in places where thousands die daily of genocide. Imagine if they were saving lives instead of taking them? Our great-grandparents and a few grandparents remember genocide. We went to Germany knowing it is wrong to kill others based on their religious beliefs. However, when thousands die daily in Darfur and another Rwanda situation is happening and our government chooses to ignore so many of our pleas to DO SOMETHING...when so many of our own citizens are still homeless around the Gulf Coast and so many are getting unjust settlements from our own insurance agencies (Shame on you, State Farm. I may just have to cancel your ass).....Our troop leaders in Afghanistan are begging for more troops to back them up as they get slaughtered and ambushed from all sides because there really and truly is no exit or reinforcement really have to ask yourself....why am I allowing this? I ask myself this. Hilary Clinton actually left a recording on my phone the other day. Shane wanted me to listen but I told him to hang up on her. If it was really her, I'd say a few things. Bitch, please... I moved here to vote for you and you're just now calling me. Hoe, get your act together, do something I care about, THEN call me (when its not election season), you damn ass kissing sycophant.
Something in me hates her now. Because she's a waste of space too busy making friends and trying to build herself power within her party rather than actually doing a damn thing. She got in under a veil of feminism and standing up for people's rights when it came to health and civil agendas.
Last time I heard from Hilary was when PBS and Big Bird needed some funding and they did a hyped up media blitz saying they were shutting down. Personally, I didn't believe it, but who cares...I can't lose big bird as a new parent so I'm not complaining. But do you really think big bird's complaining since his face is on every child's ass who wears his brand?
And when voting time comes around, I'm a card carrying democrat. But I really and truly have a very hard time watching it all.  Wasted money, greedy or just plain ignorant leaders. Our two sides of the fence are equally corrupt and disgusting. Our real leaders that most people think may do something and change something never really want to lead (I won't name names, but they know who they are.)
This country disgusts me. Hopefully, my anger will preempt me to get involved again. How? Who knows. I'll start by blogging my contempt.
So if we learned something today boys and girls...Afghanistan is going to the rebels and soldiers are dying, Darfur babies are being slaughtered with machetes and there is NO end to that in site thanks to no one who can do something about it giving a damn....the Gulf Coast is being ripped off and land is being redistributed to the nations richest real estate owners....
hmmm...what can we do? Any ideas? I need some. How do we get them to do what we want and fight the battles we want them to fight? How do we reclaim our government?


  1. Anonymous6:46 PM

    V for Vendetta was an excellent film! Ken purchased the DVD and we all watched it last Saturday. Sooooo poetic!



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