Just Plain Wrong. I know this. And because I know this is wrong I only had a 1.5x1.5 inch sliver of this madness. And truly that was enough. In order to honor the birth of our amazing babysitter I created this decadent and divine wrongness. Let me tell you about it. It is a 3 layered dark chocolate cake with chocolate chunks. That's not it. Between the layers are cherry filling and it is covered in caramel icing, almonds slices and birthday cake candy. It is super sweet, like super sweet Sue Ann. How I was able to make this with my swollen tooth aching self with a husband at the emergency room for a smooshing his hand at work and me having a quite embarrassing moment buying cake ingredients since dear hubbie was at the emergency room and not at the bank. When I came back with cash for the ingredients a few hours later they looked at me as if I was a thief, following me around like I'm about to take something. I was so shamed. But I thought, you know what....hell if anything on this planet is stopping me from making this cake. And there's DAMN good reason I'm broke. I'm a mama and my husband is in the hospital dammit. And the woman that makes my daughter smile all damn day deserves some damn cake for her birthday so stop following me around the store because I AM making cake tonight, so help me GOD. That was the plan. And I stuck to it. And this, my friends, is the result. The wrongest of wrong days deserves the wrongest most beautifully wonderfully sweet cakes. dammit. I'm heading back to the hospital now. I got lost int he words, cement, machine, hand, smooshed, between...that's all I heard. He's fine...no broken bones so that's all that matters. But damn I wish his job wasn't so dangerous.  


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