I need to join a gym or some martial arts class. I am very moody and I need a release. Its a really crappy day in NY. Days like this I tear up leaving the house because I want to keep reading "I love you this much" to my baby girl instead of heading into a moody office with moody people all pissed of they had to leave their homes. I tell you, if everyone got to work just one day a week from home, I can imagine skyrocketing morale. Morale is low today. It's the fault of all the clouds in the sky today.


  1. I wouldnt do shit if I worked from home. We need to boost morale and productivity gurlfriend... My idea is to hire better looking poeple. To sit in a meeting with some fugly for over an hour puts me in a bad mood all the time.

  2. funny, funny! I agree!

  3. see, but I would actually work at home...if they'd just LET me. You know, being too productive can be bad for you. I'm one of those people that can get it done and would get it done. I wonder if controling managers are insecure because people really do kick ass at home, even when sitting at a home desk with a kid in their laps. One can never underestimate the multi-tasking powers of a parent.


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