A lot of folks have been asking and I should've given an update earlier, but honey husband is good and feeling a-okay. THANK LORD! Men are funny. Its like I'm having a heart attack and he's proud as a peacock that he's not feeling pain or if he is, he's smiling through it. He's truly the Jamaican cool "no, problem, man" kinda guy. Of course no broken bones or worse, lopped off appendages is a lucky escape from a construction mishap. He feels fine, but take into consideration his pain threshold is something I don't feel is human, also like his internal air conditioner that leaves his skin cool and sweat free in 99 degree humidity. And the fact he can sleep through sirens, firecrackers, upstairs neighbors dropping furniture, baby cries, garbage trucks and me jumping up and down on the bed banging pots. A little lick on the hand can't knock this man down. whew.


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