Perusing other blogs, came across The Top 40 music moments in film history
This got me thinking about movies. I'm a movie addict. I think I've seen maybe thousands of movies. I've slowed down a lot though - sticking to less violent sex filled movies that Amelia would surely NOT quote back to me in the utmost of inappropriate times in the near future. I really think I'm an addict. Imagine if I rent at least 50 movies a year and in winter times and school break times, I'd go on movie marathons for weeks upon weeks, where I could easily go through 50 or so in that period...I think I'm really in the thousands. I can't even remember their names half the time...but I'll see a face and do this dance of words and memory...oh yea..he was in capote..and that movie where he was all depressed and sniffing gasoline and I know he's hung out with Steve Martin in church, and what was that movie, where he was like in a tornado...hmm...who's that guy?...yea, i've see a ton of his movies..for years, man...yea we go way back. Like before he was famous! And for the life of me if it wasn't for searching on netflix and that wonderful link under a movie that leads you to all the other movies the actor has done...I wouldn't have a clue of his name if he walked up to my desk and asked to borrow my phone. Speaking of phone, I'd rather cut off the phone than the netflix subscription. That should tell you something. With a little research (less than two minutes with that handy link) I now realize I've seen at least 10 movies he's been in. Insane. It's all in this head jumbled up and occasionally I can spew it out and put form to all the information so it makes sense to someone other than myself. Okay, Mr. Philip Seymour Hoffman. I know your name now. It only took a decade and a half to get me to say it.


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