pests and pies...

Having a fabulous day at work. Celebration for our website relaunch. Two glasses of champagne and I now realize its been too long since I let loose on the bubbly. I'm thinking hub and I will be finding something to celebrate this weekend. I have a sneaky smile on my face. Could it be the two glasses, and the pizza and the cake? Yes, this girl was not a weight watcher's queen this week.  I will name my sins: brownies I baked while gabbing to a cousin (I love baking and chatting), bbq chicken wings over the weekend, wendy's frosty for lunch yesterday. Okay, okay, naming all the sins means I need to watch it. Salad tonight and every night for the rest of the week. I KNOW I put on something with my fattening mode. Tis the change of the season, a strong desire to bake and nest. In the last week or so I've dismantled the kitty litter house and put the pieces through the dishwasher, I did the same with the humidifier, I've decided to do my own pesticide control so I'm emptying about two cabinets a night to spray and clean the innards. Tonight, under the sink and above the fridge if my motivation stays. Living in NY means you must be vigilant when it comes to pests wanting to move in. Say, your neighbor cleans for the first time in a year...your cheerios will be home to all the folks she evicted. Truly and horrifyingly gross. At least when I was down south, I knew the bad boys moving in moved in for weather purposes and they were easy to remove. Here, bugs are everywhere. At least I know my kitty keeps the big pests away, but the little ones care less about her. So I'm on a eradication mission. Sometimes it conflicts with my Buddhist philosophy of living peacefully with all living things, but not enough to make me stop my massacre. I pray for their souls as I stomp them and wish them well into their next life. I hope they have a better run next time. But they cannot and will not live in my home.
In GOOD news, baby girl's pull-ups arrived so that means she's graduated! No more diapers! I'm so proud of her. We will now start the potty training, very light and at her own pace of course, seeing we don't want to rush her and it is still early. But whenever she's ready, we are. So proud, so proud! I'm still debating on the birthday festivities. I have no idea what to do.


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