putting away my sword and taking a breather

It was a busy start to the morning, but I'm taking a moment to catch my breath.
I'm excited. I feel so much better now because I'm making absolutely smashing plans for the weekend. Rendezvous with my most favorite person (over 11 mos.) ever. Yes, I have many favorites...but this is probably the longest lasting and most endearing favorite. A favorite spanning decades. If I was to have a soul mate, I'd assume it was this favorite. Am I gushing...am I making other favorites jealous? Well, I am extremely excited to say the least. Our last time seeing each other was just way too long ago. I so miss this favorite. My husband even accepts the fact that this favorite is favorite.
 (scene change) THEN also planned in the weekend...its off to apple picking and pumpkin patches...I foresee lots of fantastico adventures with mucho cutesy pictures. Wow....one weekend of daily naps and its like I'm a new person.  Revived. Renewed.
I watched Xena this morning and I think it got me off to a good start. God, I love Xena. Yes, I'm 5 years late...and yes, I know she's a blonde songstress on tv now...but I don't care. You can see me in my office pretending to unsheathe my sword (my calculator) on the titans (accounts payable) wreaking havoc on my day.....swoosh, slice....avenging the spirit of the powerful Amazon queen (me) hidden beneath the suit and lipstick.
I'm smiling. I can't stop smiling. 


  1. Anonymous1:46 PM

    awwwww, thank you!! It is me, right? ;)

    I feel the same. My fellow third wheel.

  2. Anonymous1:49 PM


  3. You remind me of my friend Irving. He was obsessed with La Femme Nikita. Everytime he did too much ketamine though he was La Femme Nikita...we would catch him starting his mission on the dance floor of the club.


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