Now see, I WISH I had her pretty booty. And I know a certain spouse wouldn't complain if I could wear such a fabulous accessory. HowEVER, I inherited the maternal side flatness that's impossible to escape. Being a little weighty hides the flat fact, but now that I'm slimming down I'm having to say bye bye to booty. BUT my said friend is slimming down too just in all the right places. Lucky girl!

From a friend who I BEGGED for permission to post this. I will add the
emailed approval at the bottom

I think the subject says it all. **** already knows the story. I just had to
tell someone what happened to me. I really do believe that there aren't any
dull days in my life. ***... I am so serious you better write a damn book
about my life. Because it willl translate well...

So, this is what went down. I will try to be brief. I got a blind date
tonight in the Village. I kinda don't want to go.. but, i need to meet more

I have an assignment to photograph a 315 pound football player for a
I am at the school on the football field during practice. There are about
100 testosterone filled boys. I am rolling around trying to get a rueisk
photo (uh oh!this may give it away who it is!). When I feel this cool breeze
on my ass. I quickly.. or should I say not so quickly realized that I RIPPED
my pants. All of my thick chocolate goodness was oozzing out for everyone to

Now mind you I had no jacket or anything to cover the BIG ASS whole. So, I
had to do some gorilla like moves and find a way out without the boys seeing
me. No such luck. I start to hear the roar of laughter and big fat ass
brewing from the field. I haven't been so horrified in a while.

I knew you would never believe me so I have pictures. I just better not see
this shit on yourtube or any other site. I WILL SUE. And for some of you I

Me to said friend:
Now see, this would've been a blog highlight if you didn't throw that no
posting clause down there. You sent this hours ago and I'm still laughing. I
been singing...damn!too much booty in the pants all friggin day.
Well, we don't know WHOSE ass it little post? please? this is too
funny not to share.....
Said friend back to me:
you know what francia. post it... i think my ego was wounded at the time.
but now that i had my wonderful date i feel free. and use my name. i think
that would add more drama...


  1. and it is I who added the booty talk!

  2. Anonymous12:12 PM

    as a wise woman taught me - when the clothes don't fit - it means that they are BADLY MADE.

    your friend has a lovely bottom, it's not her fault that the pants were made badly. :)

  3. you DO have a bootyful booty baby!!!


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