Blah no more.

 It's busy since I'm catching up on missing last week, but healthwise, feeling better. We all are. I'm not so morbidly depressed anymore. I really took the weekend to put my mind back in a positive space. Mucho meditation and staring at water and nature. I think really not eating for a few days really uhh, makes you well...very, very sad. My daily om Friday hit the mark like you wouldn't believe and I chose to take those words and process them over and over in my head until I realized life's too short to go around feeling defeated and broken. Not everything goes my way and not everyone will see me in a positive light. But I know in general, most people I deal with...I love them and they love me back. Most people when I came back today were really sweet. I appreciated that. I felt guilty for falling so behind but it couldn't be helped. That is life. You can't always be on top of your game. So from maternity leave/c-section recovery, a surprise summer surgery and attack of the stomach bug from hell means I'm really ready to start 2007 and be done with 2006. It's been fun, but I'm ready to be done.


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