Dear Amelia,

Hi Baby. You're not a baby anymore. Here's a slice of life in your first year of life I made since I couldn't sit still enough to make a scrapbook. I did what I do best, a mixture of everything and anything on my mind not necessarily fit to print, but in my mind as you grow. I started at your Christening and I'm ending with you taking your first steps last week. So much changed when you came into my life and many times I've started to question myself on how much harder life became when you came along because of my struggles balancing career centered business lady, loving wife and mother, sister and daughter. But never, ever, ever did I doubt that you are the most amazing blessing ever to enter my life. It isn't easy. It's not going to get easier, especially if we decide to make more little blessings in the future. But your sweet smile, your ability to love so wholeheartedly and your strength of character (already!) leaves no doubt in my mind you already have such a good start to your own journey. I tried to document it, but mostly it turned into my ups and downs, interests and disdains. It was your mommy in 2006. I think this is a good time to end the blog because I recorded some of our finest (and not so finest) moments. And take no offense because Daddy didn't get into writing down all this. He probably won't even read this until you're reading this. He has no interest in reading mommy's journal. You'll see in the videos he's the one crawling with you and feeding you, hugging you, preparing you to be the next great lady footballer or pro-wrestler if you do decide to pick up his own hobbies. I don't have to point that out because I know you're still Daddy's Girl. But me, I'm writing it all down. I finally found a happy medium to share to you and all those who love you how much being a mother means to me. It's just my thing. I'm a mama. That's what I was meant to do. Granted, its not the only thing I do, it's definitely my favorite. So thank you for putting up with my first attempts at mommying and I really hope you'll read this and see me as a real person and not the one who won't let you date so and so because he's no good for you. Or keeps pushing you to play your instrument or finish your science fair project or makes you do the dishes and make your bed or is just so strict you can't stand it or just so clueless you're embarrassed. I'll try not to keep smothering you with a million and one kisses each time I see you. And yes, I will listen to Otis Redding and John Denver while your friends are in the car. Imagine how old I'm going to seem to you when my own generation thinks I'm old school. Too bad. That's your mama. This blog could have been called Amelia's Mama but this was what our life was like your first year in Harlem. Enjoy, honey. And to your possible future siblings, don't get jealous! I have special things for you, too! I just don't know what they are yet.
Peaceandloveandblessings forever and a day with Love,
your Mommy.
~And for all my friends and family that took this year journey with me, thanks for reading.


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