down and out

We're all sick! Gross sick. Like ew sick. I was in the hospital for dehydration (cuz I can't stop puking!) and we took the baby as well, even though her little immune system seems stronger than anyone elses around. Docs said it was a nasty viral infection knocking us all down. Shane swears its the exterminator spraying instead of gelling. We will gel bug repellant going forward, but I think we just caught something from somewhere and the true source may never be explained. Even Rue came down with our family bug, poor thing. I think the Saturday explosion contaminated her. Slowly but surely coming around. Shane went to work today and I'm going tomorrow. sigh. naptime. I'm too tired.


  1. I still dragged my sick behind out to vote though. Granted, it took a wake up call from my mama but I did it.


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